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Turn-Key Telemedicine

  • Private Patient Network
  • Patient Base Engagement
  • SSL Security SHA-256 + RSA
  • High Quality Video Conferencing
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Included Features
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Easy Payments

Easily capture payment for your online services through Stripe, PayPal, PayU, Payoneer, or PayFunnels

HD Video Conferencing

State of the Art Video Conferencing Branded with Your Professional Logo / Name

Private Network

Personalize your entire healthcare network and eliminate third party interference and ads. This your network you control everything.

SSL Security SHA-256 + RSA

With SSL Security and Encryption, your platform complies with HIPAA Protocols to meet securley with your patients.

Password Protected Forms

Modern and responsive password protected forms for effective and secure data capture. Patients can even provide their signature for specific consent and special requests.


Personalized telehealth infrastructure customization tailored to meet the demands of your health cloud.

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